Consultative Services

Consultation with a Dermatologist

A fifteen minute appointment wherein the patient is given the opportunity to discuss a skin complaint/s with the dermatologist.  The patient may arrive without a referral by a general practioner.  The dermatologist will take a medical history and ask relevant questions regarding the skin complaint.  A scan of the skin may be performed at the visit or additional investigations may be requested to be performed at another appointment.  If the diagnosis is clear to the dermatologist a treatment plan will be drawn up.  Patients requiring a second opinion are also welcome.

Consultation with a Skin therapist


This is a twenty minute appointment used to assess the nature and magnitude of the skin concern and to recommend treatment options or the need for specialist evaluation by a dermatologist.

Treatments include cosmeceuticals, peels, medical facials, laser therapy, Dermapen micro-needling and phototherapy treatments.  An estimate of the cost of therapies will be drawn up.

The therapist will also discuss how one can prepare for a therapy, what to expect on the day of therapy and what measures are to be taken post therapy.

Should you require advice regarding general skin care, our therapist is available to discuss products for your skin and to formulate a customised skin care regimen suited to your skin type.

Consultation with a therapist is free of charge.

If necessary a Visia Skin Analysis may be recommended at an additional fee. This includes a customised report and skin care plan.