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Bioderma produces cosmeceutical preparations for dry, flaking and sensitive scalp conditions affected by dandruff and seborrhoeic eczema.

Demelan: Pigmentation

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A pigment reducing treatment combined with glycolic acid for effective cell renewal and treatment of dark discolourations on the skin.

Dermafix: Specific concerns

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The Dermafix range includes cleansers, toners, moisturisers, correctives for eyes, pigmentation and stretch marks as well as essential sunscreens.


Fagron Nourisil™ MD medical-grade silicone scar gel consists of 5 different types of silicone + Vitamin E for improving all types of scars.

Heliocare: Sun Protection

Anti-aging sun protection with ®Fernblock technology. Antioxidant activity and DNA repair enzymes to reverse past damage. A variety of formulations to suit every skin type.

Isdin: Specific concerns

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Maximum strength, intense hydration for very dry, desquamative and thickened skin. Isdin’s elegant sunscreen formulations are lightweight, non-greasy and provides a smooth, velvety finish.

LA-Roche Posay: Dryness & Itching

Soothes irritation in eczema-prone skin. Prevents new bouts of irritation. Promotes the reconstruction of the skin’s protective barrier.

Neoretin: Melasma

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A daily skin lightening regimen for melasma and uneven pigmentation. A whitening booster system inhibits all stages of melanin production and RetinSphere technology provides the efficacy of retinoids with reduced side effects.

Neostrata: Specific concerns

Neostrata combines patented anti-aging ingredients with targeted skin care ranges: Advanced anti-aging, pigmentation concerns, sensitive skin, oily, acne-prone skin and skin with poor surface texture and dullness. Elegant formulations for every skin type.


Fragrance-free, sulphate-free and enriched with ceramides, SVR balms and cleaners are well suited for itchy, flaking and allergy-prone skin.

Uriage: Dry Lips

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Bariederm is a lip balm that repairs and soothes chapped & damaged lips. A lasting formula that insulates & protects.

Vitix: Vitiligo

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A product range for the treatment of vitiligo that helps to regulate depigmentation.


Vichy’s Dercos anti-hair loss shampoo and conditioner is suitable for use as an adjunct to prescription medication for hair loss.