General Dermatology


Excimer Light Therapy

For the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo and other inflammitory skin conditions.


Keloid Multi-Drug Injection

Skin Allergy Patch Testing

The TROLAB Patch Test consists of a panel of 45 tests for substances known to cause allergic reactions when in contact with the skin. The commonest allergy-causing agents are chemicals, dyes, colorants, nickel, fragrances and glues. Complete patch testing comprises an initial dermatologist consultation as well as 2 follow up visits 48 and 72 hours apart. Results from patch testing are used to formulate an individualised treatment plan for allergic skin reactions.


Botox for Excessive Sweating

Armpit x 2


Laser Therapy

Laser treatment for ageing skin, veins, scars and laser hair reduction.


PPD Injection Therapy for Warts

Purified protein derivative (PPD) injection is a safe, vaccine-like treatment containing killed tuberculosis bacterium (TB). The reaction induced by these bacteria increases the ability of the immune system to recognize and clear wart-causing viruses.


PDT for Skin Cancer and Sun Spots

Photodynamic therapy is effective for the treatment of superficial skin cancers, sun damage and sun spots (Solar keratosis /Actinic keratosis).


Phototherapy for Acne

Light-based therapy reduces inflammation and acne-producing bacterial colonies.


UVB Phototherapy for Psoriasis & Vitiligo

Liquid Nitrogen Therapy

Laser Price Guide